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Yosemite Trip #1

May 5, 2008

So I’m a few weeks behind on my Yosemite update but like they say, “Better late than never”. I headed up to Yosemite with visions of Dogwood blooms in my head but quickly found that they weren’t peaking yet. A few were out, but for the most part not much was happening, at least on the dogwood front. Yosemite itself of loaded, with people and construction mostly. I’ve never seen it this busy this early in the spring. I only took a couple pictures and I’m not real high on any of them, at least not in my memory of the place and composition. I shoot film with my landscape work and haven’t actually had it developed yet.

Photography Prodigy

Even without many new images it was still fun hanging out with my Bro-in-law John and my Cousin Evan. In fact I think Evan my just turn out to be a photographer.

One Comment
  1. Glad to see he’s interested, and definitely looks natural with the gear. Looking forward to seeing some work Evan!

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