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Yosemite Take 2

May 23, 2008

Yosemite From Glacier Point

Ok, so the last trip didn’t exactly go as planned so I knew I’d be making another soon after. To ensure I hit the dogwood blooms at the best time I starting making a weekly call to Yosemite for a ranger update. Each week they told me nothing was really going on and they hadn’t really popped yet. Finally, after three weeks I got the answer I was looking for, “Everything is white, its like snow.” So I hoped in the car and headed to Yosemite.

Well, while my drive up to the park was filled with visions of beautiful white blooms the cold hard reality was something much different. Not a single bloom was to be seen, I can only guess that the ranger was having some fun with me or is at a remote location in Fresno (about 70 miles from Yosemite). In either case no dogwoods this year, plus road construction was even worse.

I decided to head up to Glacier Point and try my luck up there for the sunset and ended up getting a pretty good end of the day. Above is one of the digital “proofs” I took with my D70 before exposing my film, I still haven’t had it processed.

My current column on was inspired by this trip.  Give it a Read.

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  1. Carrie permalink

    gotta love those people from Fresno, eh? 🙂
    Have you ever considered coming down to Kings Canyon NP? I have a couple of friends who live on the boundary and oh. my. goodness. It is absolutely beautiful. You might want to check out Wonder Valley – very, ver scenic. At KCNP there are a lot of caverns and caves that are well known and you can also see General Grant’s tree (also known as the Nation’s Christmas Tree). I’m hopefully heading up towards the end of June to do a bit of hiking with my friend and then we are going kayaking down the Kings River in July. Seriously, check it out!

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