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Workshop Scheadule Set.

June 1, 2008

I’m on the faculty of the Digital College run though the Photographer’s Gallery in downtown Modesto and will be teaching four classes this year. Here is a list of upcoming workshops I’ll be teaching.

“Film Scanning: Breath New Life into Your Old Film”: Date: July 30th 6-9pm. It will be a one day in person workshop and should be a lot of fun. We’ll cover subject like, what scanner is right for you, cleaning prints and film for scanning, scanning large amounts of film quickly, archiving your digital files and sharing images with friends and family. For more info click on the link above.

The Expressive Landscape Print: Photoshop for landscape photographers: Dates: September 10th and 17th 6-9pm. Learn how to fine tune your nature and landscape images to create the most expressive print possible – one that speaks to the viewer. We will discuss advanced Photoshop techniques that will take your prints from good to WOW! The course will cover topics such as: Creating a master file and adjustments layers, Photoshop selection tools – tips and techniques, setting density and color balance, retouching, burning and dodging, preparation of files for printing, sharpening, storage of files and archival methods of mounting and matting.

Seeing the Light: A Photographer’s Journey: Dates: October 29, November 5th and 12th 6-8:30* May be conducted online. Learn to see what makes great images…light. As photographer’s its what makes a photograph, literally. It can be the difference between a master piece and dumpster piece. Learn to see what some of the best photographer’s in history have seen and take that information into the field for the next week. We’ll touch on Landscape, portrait and photo journalistic photography.

Portfolio development: Beginning November 19th and lastly 4 weeks (May be conducted online). Learn how to see your work in a more critical way and in so doing, improve it dramatically without ever taking a picture. Your work is judged by the images people see, so don’t show work that doesn’t meet or exceed all expectation. This is true whether you’re choosing images for a gallery show, a portfolio review, a book, article submission, family slideshow or just your own personal display. You’ll be amazed how developing the skill to critically and objectively view your images will improve your work. This course will cover subjects such as: Finding your style, Themes and Subjects, Image Editing, Adding work to your portfolio that says “you”. The course will be focused around assignments that are designed to put into practice the issues discussed in the previous week.

To sign up for any of the classes please contact the Photographer’s Gallery at 209-524-7361 and ask for David or Diane, or email the gallery at

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