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A Day in Bandon, Oregon

September 6, 2008

I decided to make the trip to Olympic National Park via a good old road trip, the day started bright and early and after a long 9 hour drive we finally arrived in Bandon. The town itself isn’t much to talk about, a small downtown with a few knick-knack stores and some so-so restaurants. As the day wore on a thick layer of fog moved inland completely blocking the sun and thusly the sunset. Check it out,

I’m hoping tomorrow morning will bring clearer skies and a chance for a nice sunrise but I’m really not banking on it. After doing a bit of scouting work at Bandon beach I headed up highway 101 a little bit and found the fog only went inland about 400 yards and the fast moving clouds were lighting up beautifully over some nearby marshland. I shot all film for my landscape work so I don’t have the actual images ready to check out but here is a “proof” image I took with my D70.

Tomorrow we’re off to Seattle and hopefully a wonderful sunrise.

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