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Washington Day 2

September 7, 2008

Another day another chance to cover an overwhelming amount of land in a car, for me the day started at 5am as I made my way to Bandon beach in the dark of night waiting to see if the sun would break though the fog and give me a chance to make up for the day’s before sunset, it didn’t and I was of course disappointed but sometimes that happens. Before heading out of Bandon we headed to a wildlife park just outside of town. The day before my wife saw their ad in a local guide and in it a promise that you could hold a baby tiger. She was hooked! It was actually a pretty cool place, bears, camels, monkeys, four horned goats, deer, sheep, lamas, tigers, a lion, panthers, elk, emus, and a ton of other exotic animals I can’t even think of. Here are a few of them.

Black Bear

Four Horned Goat


I don’t know what the heck this is but it’s the biggest rodent in the world.

They have a number of free roaming animals as well that you are allowed to feed; we purchased some feed and went to work. If you’re there shortly after opening you’ll be around to see the animals as there let out for the day, they know a lot of people are ready to feed them and their hungry, STAMPEDE!

My wife Sarah getting bombarded by hungry animals, she loved it.

The highlight of the place though is getting to interact with the baby cats, we played with a baby tiger and a panther, here’s me and the panther hanging out,

After a couple of hours at the park we started our trek to Seattle, it was a very long and boring drive, my wife got a little stir crazy (actually we all did) and she decide to go running…kind of

We did finally get to Seattle and ended up eating at this little local place that only “real” Seattle folk know about, P.F. Chang’s. Look it up if you’re ever there, it just outside of Chinatown (about 15 blocks). HAHA!

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