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Seattle, Washington

September 8, 2008

It’s time for the afternoon siesta so I’m back in the room while my wife and our friend Genelle take a nap, hopefully I don’t type too loud or I’ll feel their wrath. We’ve spent most of the day exploring Pike’s Marketplace, if you’re not familiar with Pike’s, it’s a wonderful (and very large) farmer’s market type area where local farmers, artists, craftsmen and sell their stuff, no chains are allowed, except for Starbucks but only because this is where they started.

This is kind of the grand entrance to the market

Some of the fresh produce and flowers you can find at the market.

One of the more famous things to see at Pike’s Market is the place that throws the fish around, I forget their name, but I did get it on film,

Like I mentioned, Starbucks got their start at Pike’s Market and therefore is the only chain store that’s allowed there, the first store is still there and every crossed eyed moron that walks down the street has to stop and take 10 pictures of it, what idiots! Anyway, here is mine.

Starbucks from the outside, WOW!

Inside the Starbucks Temple. About 3 minutes later there was 100 people inside and a line out the door.

Genelle and Sarah with their coffee under the sign

And again about an hour later, losers.

Pike’s Market is a lot more than just coffee and other food, its also home to many types of small shops and other oddities,

For example, here’s a wall with a to scale painting of the largest person to ever live, and me, Shorty.

We also explored some of the areas around the market, under it we “found” a brick wall completely covered in chewing gum,

Gum wall close-up.

I don’t know how long people have been sticking their gum to this wall but I’m guessing its been a while, there’s even gum graffiti, and Boy + Girl signs, all in gum. So, of course we had to join the party!

Here is a close up of our contribution,

So, that’s it for the first part of the day, we’ll see what tonight hold.

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