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Forks, Washington and Rialto Beach

September 9, 2008

After getting back in late last night I decided the blog could wait until tomorrow, which would be today, which would be right now. Yesterday ended with some shopping and a wild goose chase to every corner of Seattle trying to find a certain Italian restaurant for dinner. After an hour of driving we finally found the elusive eatery and upon walking to the front door what does my wife say? “I don’t want to eat here anymore.” WOW! OK, so we ended up trying another Italian place, it was OK, nothing great but the service was friendly.

This morning brought us another day of travel, from Seattle to Forks, Washington. We started out by heading back to Pikes place market to pick up a couple of things we missed the day before and so my wife could get a picture with the Pike’s Place piggy bank, here it is.

It’s a real piggy bank; the money goes to a charity.

From there we were off to Forks, Washington and Olympic National Park, the drive is pretty nice and easy compared to the others we’ve encountered during the trip, pretty places and relatively short distances. We also got to go on our first commuter ferry, this thing was huge, not only did it carry cars, it also had a cafeteria and three decks. Of course I had to be outside at the front of the boat the entire time, here’s my view.

View from outside at the head of the ferry

Sarah and Genelle on the other hand stayed inside on their rumps and missed all the fun, here’s there view,

View from the inside of the ferry


I forgot to mention that we had to wait about 30 minutes to board the ferry, Sarah past the time by doing some curb Olympics, You’ll need to turn your head because for some reason I decided to film this like I was taking a picture.

We finally arrived at our hotel in Forks, it’s a nice condo like place, very roomy with a Kitchen, living room and two bedrooms. After a couple of hours of rest Sarah and I decided to head to Rialto Beach, Genelle decided to sit this one out, I have no idea what she did, but I bet it was bad.

Anyway, while hiking along the beach Sarah found a cool rock that was a perfect circle,

We also found a huge piece of seaweed, it was about 28 feet long, Sarah thought it would make a good whip,

And then she decided to give it to me as a gift, she’s so giving.

I continued down the beach a bit to do some shooting and Sarah picked a spot on the beach and made some rock art,

The tide was high tonight, something that won’t be changing during our time here, and the haze moved in as the sun got lower on the horizon but I did what I could, here is a D70 “Proof” image,

Hopefully my film piece will be better, the angle is wider and I was shooting with a very saturated film, I’ll see when I get back home. Sarah and I got home late and Genelle was hooked on a TV show so we got some pizza and took it back to the room.

I’ll check back in tomorrow, its rain forest day.

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One Comment
  1. Georgia permalink

    I was at Rialto beach the following weekend and your wife’s rock art was still there, undisturbed. Apparently she’s made a lasting impression.

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