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I’ve been named a Hasselblad Master Finalist for 2009

May 19, 2009
hasselblad logo

hasselblad logo

I heard the news yesterday, I’ve been named one of the 10 finalist for the Hasselblad landscape master award for 2009. I had the honor of being named a finalist last year as well but didn’t win, I’m hoping to change my luck this year.

Hasselblad’s Master Awards are one of the most recognized awards in photography and I’m honored to be named one of the 10 finalist again this year. They’re doing things a bit differently this year by opening up part of the voting to the public. I haven’t heard when voting will open or how it will be done but when its time, I’d really appreciate your vote. Thanks.

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  1. well done.

    i have been named as finalist in weddings.

    good luck.

    • edwardmendes permalink

      Congratulation Edward! I’ll make sure to vote for you.

  2. And I got into “general”.

    Its soo exciting!
    My feet are above earth since I received that e-mail.
    And the good news is that there’s still 6 more month of hope before the verdict.

    There’s 10% of chance we make it!

  3. Rachel permalink

    This is Rachel from MAC Group USA. We are interested in putting you on our Press List. Would you like to be on it?

    Thank You.

    • edwardmendes permalink

      Hi Rachel,

      Maybe, what is your press list and what do you mean by putting me on it. Do you mean simply adding my email to your press release list or something more? I do use products from some of your manufactures, such as Mamiya and Sekonic so I’m not sure if your if you’re interested in using my images or testimonial for a press kit or adding me to a newsletter.

  4. Dee Richards permalink

    The word here at Hasselblad is that you have won Edward!


    • edwardmendes permalink

      Thanks Dee, I sure hope the word is right.

  5. Well done, and deserved!

    Any news for the other participants?

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