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Yosemite Dogwood Conditions Update

May 7, 2010

Dogwoods and Bark, taken today at Curry Village

May 7th 2010

This weekend is my annual Yosemite in Spring workshop so I’ve spent as much time as possible in the Yosemite Valley today scouting locations and I thought I’d give an update on the current dogwood conditions in the park. With the colder weather this year the dogwoods are certainly later than normal. The first two weeks in May are generally a great time to catch the dogwood blossoms in all their beauty but most places haven’t hit yet, but should start soon. Here’s a breakdown from the locations I visited today.

Pohono Bridge / Fern Springs

This is one of my favorite spots and one of the best displays in the park when the dogwoods are hitting, but that isn’t the case yet. Near Fern Springs there are only a few trees in a couple sunny areas with blooms at their top, but that’s about it. I saw one or two trees near the road with blooms at about head level, 6 feet for me, but they were still green.

At Pohono Bridge there are two trees that have nice displays, one at the western corner of the bridge just as hwy 140 curves onto it, and the other overhanging the river on the eastern side. This one isn’t quite in full bloom yet but it’s close.

Just past Pohono Bridge, from about 50 to 200 feet up highway 140 heading west, there are a few trees that get a lot of afternoon sun with blooms from green to past.

My guess would be that this area will be at peak sometime between Sunday May 9th and Thursday May 13th

Across from Bridal Veil Falls Parking Lot

Some of the trees here are starting to bloom though most haven’t yet and those that have are in the green stage.

Again, my guess would be that this area will be at peak sometime between Sunday May 9th and Thursday May 13th

House Keeping Camp

A number of trees are in full bloom near the registration building. Big, white and beautiful these are at their prime right now and should stay this way for at least a few days I would think.

Curry Village

Many if not most are in full bloom in the sunnier areas around the general store, lobby and pavilion area. I saw a few others that weren’t blooming yet but those were in the shaded area to the east and certainly don’t make up the majority of the trees at this location.

Ahwahnee Meadow

While I only drove past the area near Ahwahnee Meadows I didn’t see a lot of action. There are some trees popping as you drive from Curry Village to Yosemite Village along the roadside but not an overwhelming number. There are two beautiful pink trees blooming in the yards of two residences in this area. I’m not sure what type of trees they are but they’re outstanding right now.

Valley View

Up the river from Valley View is another place that I love to work with the dogwoods. Some of the more picturesque dogwoods near the river’s bank aren’t yet blooming but some of the trees nearer to the highway that get more sun are starting to bloom with a few of them in full bloom, but not many.

As with Pohono Bridge and Bridal Veil, my guess would be that this area will be at peak sometime between Sunday May 9th and Thursday May 13th

*Note: I’m hoping to find somewhere with internet access so I can upload this today. If I can I’ll update the conditions as the weekend moves along. Oh, and just in case you’re interested the waterfalls and rivers are brimming to capacity, but you probably already figured that.

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