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Yosemite Dogwood Conditions Update #2

May 10, 2010

I just finished up my Yosemite in Spring Workshop Yesterday (May 9th 2010) and not too much has changed since my initial post on Friday (May 7th 2010). Both Friday and Saturday brought nice weather to Yosemite Valley with warmer temperatures, because of this I did notice a bit more open dogwoods along the Merced River heading east out of the park after passing Pohono Bridge however it’s still sparse with only a tree here and there really blooming. Up the river just before Valley View the dogwoods are starting to bloom faster with a noticeably larger number blooming on Sunday versus Friday, but most of the area still isn’t near peak.

It’s important to note that Sunday was overcast and cooler for much of the day with rain and even a bit of hail falling in the Valley and snow at the upper elevations. The forecast calls for much of the same today (Monday May 10th 2010) so it will more-than-likely slow down the blooms even more. Add to the fact that if it does warm up tomorrow after a couple days of intermixed raining conditions the bloom that are out now will quickly turn brown. It’s a weird year!

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