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2012 Senior Dalena Anourack – Johansen High

Modesto Senior Portraits - Johansen High - Edward Mendes Photography

Dalena stopped by the studio a few days ago for her senior pics, she was a lot of fun to hangout with and we made a ton of killer images.  Her boyfriend also joined us for a couple of pictures, he shipped out to the Army on Monday, he’s a good guy and I wish him a lot of luck!

Want to see more images from the session?  Check out my facebook pages, (Personal Page) or (Business Page)


2012 Senior Morgan Mitchell – Johansen High School

2012 Johansen High School Senior Morgan Mitchell. Senior Portraits by Edward Mendes Photography - Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Oakdale, Ripon, Riverbank, Denair

Morgan is a senior at Johansen High School here in Modesto and stopped by for her senior portrait session a few days ago.  Morgan’s pretty awesome, super cool, easy to work with and totally photogenic, which makes my job a lot easier.  We started with some studio images before heading to one of my favorite local spots for the outdoor pics.  Morgan also cheers but unfortunately we didn’t get to do anything with that, bummer because I had some great ideas, but we got some killer images.

Want to see more images from the session?  Check out my facebook pages, (Personal Page) or (Business Page)

Adam and Maria Baltzer – Modesto Wedding (Vintage Gardens)

Baltzer Wedding - Edward Mendes Photography - Modesto Wedding Photography
I had the pleasure of photographing Adam and Maria’s wedding back in October (hey, I mentioned in the last post I was behind).  It was a great even, the ceremony was at the beautiful Vintage Gardens while we moved over to Seasons for the reception, both are awesome places for a wedding in the Modesto area.

We were lucky and received some nice overcast skies for much of the day which allowed us to work with the guys before the wedding.  By the time the ceremony started the sun came out and gave us perfect light for the formals.

Everyone was wonderful, Adam, Maria, their friends and family all were great and made us fill right and home.  Sarah and I really enjoyed ourselves and I think it shows in the images.

I’m back!

It’s been a while since my last post on this blog, August I think.  I’ve been busy with a lot of project and just life in general.

A new blog on Landscape Photography

During the last few months I’ve started a new blog specifically for my landscape work, www.edwardmendesphotography/blog.  This is where you’ll find my new releases, workshop recaps and general thoughts on landscape photography and photography as an art form.

Manfrotto’s School of Xcellence

I am also writing for Manfrotto’s School of Xcellence blog where I’ll be contributing a monthly column through January 2011.  If you’re not familiar with the site I encourage you to check it out.  Manfrotto has done a wonderful job of gathering some of the best photographers in the industry to share their knowledge and experience and I’m thrilled to be part of it.  My first two articles (March and April) are online!   If you’d like to give them a read here they are, March / April.  If you like them please tell a few others about them.  If you don’t like them, well let just keep that to ourselves 🙂

A change of direction

With the launch of my blog devoted to landscape photography a few months ago I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to my portraits, weddings and editorial style commercial work.  The hope is to feature every session and wedding here shortly after I shoot them.  It may be a bit ambitious but I’ll give it a try.

The Importance of Making Prints

We’re very lucky.  As photographers, photography collectors or lovers of photography in general we have the opportunity to experience the history of the medium whenever we walk into a museum or gallery.  Right there, hanging on the walls before us are the images of the medium’s masters, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Imogen Cunningham, Alfred Stieglitz…well, I could fill this entire article with names of brilliant photographers but I’m sure you get the point.

Even though these great men and women are no longer living we continue to be influenced by the images they created because their beautifully printed images or the film they were made from still survives. It’s this great archive that allows us the opportunity to continue to enjoy and learn from some of photography’s greatest artists.

I wonder if this is something that will be lost to future generations of photographers and those that enjoy photography?  The ability to interact with and physically appreciate the art of photographers working today.  Without the physical recording of an image onto film and the subsequent necessity to make prints from that film in order for anyone to see your work many images live only in a virtual world, either online or on a hard drive.

While places like Flickr and Facebook have provided photographers with a way to get their images in front of more eyes than ever before they don’t provide a safe and secure place for them to be stored and viewed indefinitely into the future.

Regardless of how you store your digital files they are never truly safe.  Magnetic devices with moving parts such as hard drives will eventually fail.  Recordable media like CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Rays are exceptionally fragile, one scratch and they may become unreadable.  In addition they are seldom considered archival and are always at the mercy of the ever continuing tide of technology.  Images backed up on DVDs today may not even be readable 15 or 20 years from now if DVD drives aren’t available to access them.  This forces image makers to continually make new archives of their entire library of images whenever a new technology decides its going to stick around for a while.  Certainly there will be photographers that do this and keep their images safe but how many?

At the same time isn’t there something about a tangible print that creates a deeper connection to an image?  Think about it, whenever you see something you like or a piece of history or something well-known, what do you want to do?  Touch it!  That’s why we’re surrounded by signs reminding us not to do so.  There’s something about humanity that deepens an emotional bond when we’re able to make a physical connection with something.  I fear that without the necessity to make prints that emotional bond between viewer and print may one day be lost.  In the end photography may come full circle, with the technology that is at the foundation of the mediums boom in popularity also being responsible for its eventual fall from emotional importance.

Kris and Courtney’s Wedding

I had the chance to spend the day with Kris and Courtney, making the images for their wedding and having a great time doing it, on Saturday.  Kris and Courtney were great to work with, easy going and fun.  I also can’t say enough good things about their friends and family, what a wonderful bunch.  This is the second Modgling wedding I’ve done as I also created the images for Kris’ sister Karleen and her husband Eric a few years ago.

The wedding was beautiful, taking place at Majestic Oaks in Waterford, CA, next to the river with the soft glow of the setting sun peaking through the large Oak trees which the property is named for.

Natalia Take Two

Natalia’s a little angel and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing her a number of times over the last year.  Her mom brought her by again a couple of months ago for some images to celebrate her first birthday.  Unfortunately she was having a very bad day (it happens sometimes with children) so we decided to try again another day.  After a couple of month “another day” finally came and we headed back into the studio to create some images.  When little ones are this age they’re curious about EVERYTHING so I like to let them explore.

I set up a little picnic set for her to interact with and then let her just crawl around for a bit.  Here are a few images from the session, and check out her eyes, WOW!