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Family Portraits – FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Family and Children Portrait

Hints and Tips

  • Get a good night’s rest the day before the session. This will keep your energy level up for the session and help you look your best. If the session will have children in it we’ll try to set-up the session to best accommodate their nap schedules.
  • Don’t schedule any other major events the day of your session, this will ensure that you don’t run into a scheduling conflict. We’re more than happy to re-schedule sessions if we need to but we cannot guarantee another time will be available.
  • Bring a number of outfits and change-up the colors, that way we have plenty of options to work. This will also add variety to your session.
  • Don’t forget toys, diapers, formula, baby food, blankets or any special props you’d like to use.

We’ll discuss a ton more during the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is the consultation?

I think the consultations are very important for a number of reasons. First it gives us a chance to meet prior to the session, which tends to make things more relaxed once the session comes. Secondly, we get to discuss in detail outdoor locations, clothing, make-up, props and a lot of other things. We’ll also go over the price schedule in detail and I can show you some of the different things we can do with your images. It also gives us a chance to discuss your home decor and other areas of your life that are important to you to have in the portrait. I can then start to design the sessions and your images around you and your family to give you fine art images that really mean something. Lastly, I can answer any remaining questions you may have.

How far in advance to I need to book?

It’s hard to say and is different every year. However, I can normally get you in for a consultation within a couple of days to a week from when you call. We’ll set-up the session at the consultation, I normally have openings about a week or so out. However, if you absolutely have to have a Saturday, I sometimes book 8-10 weeks out.

Can I have copies of my images to use on MySpace, Face book etc?

Of course, in fact we’ll supply you with a jpeg copy of all the images taken during your session. All we ask is that you give us credit “By Edward Mendes Photography” and add us as a friend. Our MySpace is

Will my images be posted on your website so my family and friends can see them?

Yep, just let me know and I’ll upload a gallery of your images to my site under the “Recent Sessions” link.

How does your blog work?

I have a ton of awesome clients, seniors, families, newlyweds etc, and I like to let people know about some of them. So there is a pretty good chance that I’ll throw a few of your images on my blog and talk about how much fun you are to work with.

Do you travel?

Yes, we’ll travel to just about anywhere you want to go for your session. In fact we do so all the time. Some of our favorite areas are the beaches in Monterey and the streets of San Francisco.

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