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Senior Portraits

Don’t Settle – Why Choose Edward Mendes Photography

It seems like everyone is a photographer today, or at least calls themselves one, from neighbors to family members with a new camera, so what sets us apart from everyone else?  A lot, but here’s just a few.

Tanaya-Class-of-2009The Perfect Image – Every image that leaves the studio is completely retouched, and not just your face but the entire image, body and background. You don’t get that with some of those other so called “professional” photographers that just throw you a disk of files and leave you wishing you had retouched pictures.  Check out some of your friends pictures, I bet you’ll see, zits, dark raccoon eyes, stray hairs, horrible lighting and uncomfortable, awkward poses.  You won’t get that here, every image that leaves the studio is perfect, perfectly lit, perfectly retouched, perfectly posed so you’ll love perfect.

Images where you want them – Whether in the studio, on location or both you can have your senior pictures anywhere you want them. We use some of the best locations around, and if you want to get out of the area, we do that to. Picture your senior images on the streets of San Francisco or on the beach with the Golden Gate Bridge behind you. We travel more than any other studio around and know the coolest locations no matter where you want to go, near or far.

A true professional – Would you go to a doctor that didn’t go to medical school? How about a dentist that only does it on the side and just got into density because the drill “does the work for you”? I bet not. So why should it be any different with photography. This is Edward’s career, he has a degree in photography, teaches workshops on photography, writes articles for major photography magazines and websites, has won numerous awards for his photographs. On top of it all his fine art work is carried by numerous galleries and companies around the world. He’s a professional who’s going to make you look your best and create awesome images.

Only one photographer – Some other studios hire people with little or no photography experience and call them photographers, and when you go in for your 15 minutes of camera time you get whoever is next in line. This isn’t the allenmattox2009post office; it’s your senior pictures! When you come into Edward Mendes Photography you only deal with one person, Ed, a professional photographer.

No limits – Your session is all about you, pure and simple. To make sure of that we only book one session a day, yours. You don’t have to worry about being rushed so we can get to the next appointment or limiting the number of poses so we can move things along. You have unlimited time, unlimited poses, unlimited everything…it your session.

Don’t settle – Every year I photograph seniors that have already had their senior portraits done by someone else, a friend, family or another studio, and were unhappy with their pictures.  Don’t be one of those people, get it right the first time.   You’re going to love your portraits, I guarantee it.

We’re the area’s premier senior portrait studio, why settle for someone else?

Remember, because I only book one session a day openings are very limited so call today!



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