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Photography Workshops

The Edward Mendes Photography Workshops

These series of landscape photography workshops have been a long time in the making, after many years of requests from clients and other photographers I’ve finally decided to do something I love, share and teach photography. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some of the most beautiful places in the world to photograph, the workshops are a unique way for me to share my knowledge and experience of these places and photography with you. When designing the workshops I wanted to do two things, first, make them accessible to everyone, with that in mind, the workshops are priced to fit anyone’s budget. Secondly, I wanted to give each person individual attention, so I’m keeping each workshop very small. Each workshop is uniquely designed for people who love landscape and nature photography to take advantage of the best conditions possible for wonderful images. The workshops are designed to get you thinking differently about photography, to help you develop your artistic skill and vision so you start seeing light while you’re out in the field and start thinking photographically. In addition to our time in the field each day, our afternoons will be filled with teaching, discussion and print sharing. Combine that with our gallery walks while in certain cities and wonderful meals and camaraderie and these aren’t just photography workshops, their photo adventures!

A bit about Edward

I am a professional landscape and nature photographer, my work has been published in many publications and shown around the world including Hong Kong, Copenhagen, London and New York. My work is represented by galleries both in the United States and Internationally and is in many private collections including that of Microtek USA and Kaiser Permanente. I have been a named a finalist for the predigest Hasselblad Masters Award twice, maybe the third times the charm Wink! I have also taught many workshops for galleries and photography organizations and love to get out in the field and share my knowledge with other photographers. I’ve been lucky to continually sell out my workshops regardless of where I’ve taught and while I’ve actually had a participate tell me that his experience at one of my workshops was “Life Changing” (Thanks Ed -not me-, that’s cool) I actually consider myself the luck one as I’m continually blessed with wonderful participates who make my time leading the workshops so much fun and rewarding.

What to expect from one of my photography workshops

First expect to have a great time out in the field photographing some of the most beautiful places in the world during the absolute best times of year. I want you to have an expirence you’ll remember for a lifetime, to ensure that I put months of planning into each workshop, selecting the best places to photograph during the best times for wonderful images. Once the workshops start I work equality as hard on the daily itinerary, making sure we’re in the best places possible for that day’s light. You should also expect to learn a lot, both in the field and during our afternoon classroom/discussion sessions, from Photoshop techniques to discussions on photography and the creative process, one of the major goals of the workshops is to have you grow as a photographer and get you to take your photographer to the next level. Lastly but certaintly not any less important is the friendships you’ll make during the workshops. I love to have everyone spend as much time together as possible, eating meals, hanging out and exchanging photography stories. Sharing our expirences with each other and creating even more together builds a sense of camaraderie that will last a lifetime. So, in short I guess you can exspect to learn a lot, have fun and make a lot of new friends.

You can find a full list of my upcoming landscape photography and classes on the workshops page of my website, here.

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